The Berkshire Stonewall Community Coalition supports the well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people of the Berkshires.

 Berkshire Trans Group

4 Freedoms March

Berkshire Rally against Bigotry & Prejudice

Berkshire Stonewall was proud to be participate in the 4 Freedoms March, a Berkshire rally in downtown Pittsfield aimed at confronting bigotry, prejudice and discrimination. The rally and march that kicked off at St. Joseph’s Church on North Street in downtown Pittsfield had nearly 2000 marchers. In fact, not everyone was able to fit in the doors once we reached First Church for the rally.

Fun Fact: BSCC volunteered to provide coffee, cocoa, and cookies to the marchers who huddled at St. Joe’s trying to keep warm on one of the coldest days this winter. We served 10 gallons of cocoa and 15 gallons of coffee. That’s 400 cups of hot beverages! The march may have started at 12:30pm, but we were up brewing and boiling at 8am.


Interested in hosting an event?

If you are hosting, or interested in hosting, an LGBTQ friendly event in Berkshire County and would like our help spreading the word, please email us at info@berkshirestonewall.org.