The Berkshire Stonewall Community Coalition supports the well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people of the Berkshires.



pic113“Why isn’t there anything to do for people like me?”

You’ve heard it before. You’ve probably said it before.

Actually, there’s plenty to do for people like us – if you happen to be under 23 years old or over 50. Berkshire County has the Live Out Loud Youth Project for LGBTQ young people, and Rainbow Seniors of Berkshire County for the older set.

But what’s there to do for LGBTQ people in between?

This is your invitation to make something happen.

We are Oskar Hallig, Ed Sedarbaum, and Jason Verchot. Oskar brought you the fabulous Pride Dance last June at the Colonial Theatre (and he’ll do it again in 2017!). Ed is the founder of Rainbow Seniors. Jason is the president of Berkshire Stonewall..

We are inviting you to a conversation about what the LGBTQ community here in the Berkshires can create for themselves. No idea is too big, and none is too small. Let’s put them out there and see who picks up on them. All it takes is someone to say, “Yeah, I can do that. Who’s with me?” and we’re off and running.

The end result can be a formal organization or just a series of events. Whatever the community decides. The important thing is to start.

So let’s start with a conversation at

The Colonial Theatre

Saturday, September 17

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

To RSVP, email ed@rainbowseniors.org.

PS – Let your LGBTQ friends know we want to see them. The more voices, the more ideas!


Berkshire Museum, photo by Michael Lavin Flower, copyright 2008LGBTQ Community Meeting
Friday, July 1, 2016
Berkshire Museum

Please join us Friday July 1st for a panel discussion with representatives of local LGBTQ community organizations and initiatives as we discuss the effects of the events of the Orlando shooting on the LGBTQ community. Representatives from each of these organizations will speak about their organizations, and the impact they have on the community.

Following the panel portion of the meeting, community members will be encouraged to participate in an open conversation to discuss their feelings regarding recent events, as well as the direction of the LGBTQ community, and will be invited to participate in developing and enacting a plan of action for the LGBTQ community of Berkshire County.

Refreshments (Wine & nibbles) will be provided.
This is our community. Let’s make a difference.



Interested in hosting an event?

If you are hosting, or interested in hosting, an LGBTQ friendly event in Berkshire County and would like our help spreading the word, please email us at info@berkshirestonewall.org.